"When I was young I used to think somebody milked a cow by lifting their tail up and down like a water pump."
"I remember being young and people use to mention the elephant in the room. I always wondered what room the elephant was in."
"Once when I was young my mam was about to cut my nails but I thought she was about to cut off my fingers."
"When somebody said the expression don't bite the hand that feeds you I was confused why people bite peoples hands."
When I was young I thought that gold fish loved to drink coffee. They don't.
"Once when I was young I over heard somebody talking about Bill Gates and they said he craps gold."
"When I was young i thought hot dog was made out of dog."
"I remember one time my mam said JAM ON THE BRAKES to my dad and I was wondering who put jam on them".
When I was young I thought the beatles was a band made up of singing beetles.

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